Athlete Spotlight: A Three-Sport Life

By Christopher Veenstra
Staff Reporter

Being a three sport athlete is not an easy job.

It takes a special type of athlete to play three sports back to back and be successful in all three. Trevon Wilson is that one of many athletes who participates in multiple sports.

Trevon has played football, basketball, and baseball in his time here at Northrop. He was driven to do this because he loves to compete that much. This is pretty obvious if you’ve ever watched him play basketball. You can tell by the way he flies to the ball.

Trevon is very committed to football, which unfortunately was very frustrating for him this season.

“Even having all the talent in the world, as well as heart, we just weren’t able to produce this year,” he said.

Trevon’s favorite sport is harder to pin down.

“My favorite sport used to be whichever sports season it was,” he said, “but as I got older, I started to focus more on baseball.”

Although he does still enjoy playing football, he looks forward to baseball very much. He predicts this season will be “the best season of my life”

Northrop won the conference last year and has a good balance of young talent as well as upper class leadership. Once he has finished high school, Trevon is planning on playing collegiate baseball, but where he will be playing in unknown.


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