Protests in Ukraine

By Elijah Eversman

Staff Reporter

November 21, 2013 began the public protests in Ukraine demanding closer ties to Europe. This erupted when the government refused to sign agreements with the European Union. The current government wants to keep closer ties to Russia, arguing it is better for the economy of Ukraine. Ukraine was formerly part of the Soviet Union along with Russia.

Despite heavy police presence at the protests, violence started to occur December 1st. Several government buildings have been occupied by protesters since January 23. All in all, at least 79 people have been killed in the protests, and a further 570 have been injured.

Some are worried that this could start a civil war in Ukraine. If this happens, it would negatively impact the U.S. Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine and the U.S. have developed friendly relations. Since Ukraine’s independence in 1992, we have sent over $3 billion in support targeted for social and economic reform.


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