Athlete Spotlight: Perez dives into swim, activities


Andrew Perez, senior, dives off the 1M board at South Side Natatorium. Photo by Dorthi Dishnica.

By Ian Brubaker
Staff Writer

Andrew Perez is a cheerful, energetic senior at Northrop High. He has participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities throughout his years at Northrop. Including Interact, Student Council, hockey, and swimming. Andrew has recently been accepted to Indiana University where he plans to major in behavioral psychiatry.

Andrew participates in three sports, two in school and one out of school. Andrew was on Northrop’s hockey team for his freshman and sophomore years before changing his winter sport to swimming his junior year. Andrew plays baseball during summer break. Perez says that he enjoys swimming the most out of any sport.

“It is my favorite way to stay in shape,” said Andrew.

“Two years ago I joined the swim team because I was tired of hockey and wanted a different way to stay in shape. I did swim this season because of the friends I made during my first year and because I find swimming very enjoyable.” Said Perez.

In addition to swimming Andrew was the only boy to participate on Northrop’s dive team this swim season. Andrew was also the only senior on the boys swim team this year and was looked upon as the team captain. “Since I was one of the oldest boys on the swim team it taught me a lot of responsibility, not to mention that I made a lot of friends.” said Perez. Andrew also has the fastest 50-yard freestyle time on the Northrop Swim team (26.12 seconds).
Andrew is the vice-president of the Interact club.

“I like participating in charities and helping out the community,” he said.

Andrew is also part of the student council.

“I joined the student council to participate more in the school and try to correct some of the problems with the school instead of just sitting around and complaining about them,” Andrew said.
Overall Andrew Perez is not only an athlete but also a kind, positive, and friendly individual.


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