Allure Soars To First Place

By Bianca Humbarger


This past Saturday Northrop Allure competed at the Homestead Classic Showcase, and won Grand Champion. DSC_0156 (1)This is the first time in three years that Allure has competed and won first place.

“It’s great to be a part of a group that works so hard for what they achieve,” said Haley Kalogerou, Junior.

Allure first competed in the day show pulling through and gaining 20 points over Lafayette Jefferson who was in second place, Southmont followed in third place and Bellmont fell into fourth place. At Homestead, they held a night for the Unisex division and took the three top finalist. Allure performed second in night show.

“It felt great to win Grand Champs with my best friends,” said Josie Jancetic, Junior.


Sophomores Danielle Jones, left, and Kaiesha Abdullah perform Saturday at the Homestead Invitational. Allure was named Grand Champion for the show, which was their highest finish in three years.

The odds that were against them in the night show were they had to perform in the gym instead of the auditorium. They were also  put in front of a new panel of judges. This could have been bad for Allure, but the judges thought their show during the night show was as good as the day show. They scored twenty points more than everyone twice.

” When Chris (Rasor-Allure and Charisma’s Choreographer) and I first sat down and made the changes we did to Allure, we made a detailed plan that within five years, we wanted Allure to be able to compete,” said Tom Maupin, Choral Director.

Allure has had the chance to overcome many obstacles. While only being the fourth year that Allure began, they have made giant 571dbc89_b21234b0547883842ae4c2456be11a74_13933547860756leaps in the competition world.
“When we heard that Allure won Grand Champion, I turned to Chris and said ‘Oh my God, we are a year early,” said Maupin.


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