Athlete Spotlight Week 1 : Stevie Luebbert

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Junior Stevie Luebbert performs Lorde’s “Royals” at the 2013-14 Northrop Talent Show in December 2013. Luebbert also stars on the Varsity Basketball and Golf teams. Photo by Luke Hoegger.

By Kristen Cawvey

Sports Editor

Everyone knows Stevie Luebbert as a very talented golf and basketball player, and some of you may also know that she is a great musician. I took the liberty of choosing Stevie as my first interview subject because she is a good friend of mine, and she makes a great candidate.

Stevie Luebbert is a junior here at Northrop. She plays on the varsity girls basketball team, as well as the girls golf team. Stevie has been playing basketball since a very young age. She started because her dad wanted her to, but soon fell in love with the game. Stevie also started playing golf about the same time.

Her dad would take her to a golf course and teach her how to play. When faced with a losing game or match, Stevie says, “I don’t give up, I keep playing because anyone, any team is beatable. Besides, losing isn’t fun anyway.”

Besides being an amazing athlete, Stevie is also a very talented musician. If you didn’t get a chance to see the Winter Talent Show, you’ve got to watch the video that is located here on the website (Stevie is last to perform). Stevie started playing the guitar in 3rd grade, she was inspired to start playing the guitar because she loved listening to her dad play.

“Music is just an amazing and powerful thing. I could seriously listen to music forever. I love how much music can change people,” said Lubbert.  Stevie plays different types of music and she is inspired by her family, life, and her love for music.

That wraps up this week’s Athlete Spotlight. Coming up on February 25 there will be a story on Senior Trevon Wilson.


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