2013-2014 Top 10 Academic Class Rankings

Christina Cephus

Chief Reporter


  1. Frankewich, Cecelia A
  2. Gay, Jessica N
  3. Myers, Skyler M
  4. Pham, Thi Ngoc
  5. Southern, Caitline Marie
  6. Martin, Avery Alexis
  7. Alexander, Daniella
  8. Flanery, Brianna Faye
  9. Plumb, Arianna Nicole
  10. Nguyen, Jennifer T


  1. Dasari, Srikiran
  2. Wagner, Lauren Ann
  3. Ameir, Yusfa J
  4. Gerdom, Janae D
  5. Heckber, Hannah Noelle
  6. Gonzalez, Juan Alberto
  7. Reigelman, Andrew James
  8. Ohneck, Kaylie Christine
  9. Kump, Olivia Rose
  10. Kizer, Melissa A


  1. Joshi, Urvi
  2. Day, Adam Charles
  3. Lester, Paul James
  4. Neyman, Alexis Nicole
  5. Makevit, Mark Vital’yevich
  6. Muncie, Jaedon Michael
  7. Nguyen, Huy Tan
  8. Houser, Taylor L
  9. Bailey, Nicole E
  10. Curtis, Caleb


Valedictorian: Nguyen, Thanh-thi
Salutatorian: Filosa, Joseph M

3. Blodgett, Michala Jayne
4. Sexton, Megan Michele
5. Catanzano, Briana
6. Jiang, Ying
7. Ryan, Lauren N
8. Jinwala, Priya Hemantkumar
9. Williams, Marisa S
10. French, Lindsay R

Congratulations to those who have put in the hours of hard work it took to reach their class’ top ten ranking. Their dedication and determination is truly admirable.


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