My greatest gift ever

By Sean Miller

Staff Writer

Season’s greeting! To everyone, young and old, it’s Sean with another serving of truth and love from the big heart of yours truly, me. The main point of this story is not to rant. Most of you are frowning that you can’t laugh at the foolish things that grind my nerves more than a blade being ground against a whet stone. And that you would love to hear me rant on and on and waste my time, so sorry about that.

The question for this time of the season is: What “is”  the greatest gift in the world?

Your guess is good to you imagination, it could be the brand new gaming console, the newest brand of shoes from the creators of Jordans or Chucks. Heck it can even be the precious diamond or even the purest of gold that shines bright from the ring you bought for her. That new cross necklace she bought for you gentlemen or other jewelry you gave each other. It’s all up to you and those you bought for.

We’ll start off for what people have said to me what the greatest gift is: it’s me…

“But Sean, how can someone be a gift? Aren’t gifts like inanimate object and from the heart gifts?” Not always though, and sure gifts can be little trinkets or toys or even sometimes made things such as food, music, or even art.

Here is though how I am a gift to some, be in mind that I will be pointing not only the pros, but cons as well.

I understand those who need me, and they understand I need them.

This is probably the hardest thing to talk about, yes we are all gifted people, sure we make mistakes and other times do wrong things. That shouldn’t decide of people like you or not, whether  it be something minor or major. What it should matter, if you can understand those who need you, and trying to understand what you need from them. Same interests, same pasts, or just “cut from the same cloth.”


  • I get to have close friends and be happy, and have a good time here and there.


  • To be honest, understanding people too well, gets some people in a sticky situation.

What is mine, is yours. no worries!

This is probably … the most moral boosting (not to mention, personal property destroying, profit loss, and free time ruined ever) and spirit lifting deed I have ever done. Not to long ago, Kalob, a good friend of mine, had a “conflict” with his mother. To speed up this story he now lives with me and my family. There are problems inside the Miller household at the moment and trying to keep the household together is getting more difficult each day. Yet he’s been there for me, I should be there for him.


  • He helps my parents around the house when I’m stuck in this….lovely and beautiful school! And he gets to understand my back story and meets the rest of my family (on second thought, that sounds like a really dumb idea.)


  • No such thing as personal space, I  know most people want to be left alone but apparently that is frowned upon in my establishment, since everywhere I go he’s around. Another thing is now I’m forced to go out for a living and having to work with him, he’s like an older brother I never wished for.

I know many people would not accept him in their homes and would not even think about doing it.

Unlike some people out there, I have a heart, sadly enough because it causes some massive pains and stress, and will end up getting me killed. I have no regrets, I help those in need.

In the end, being good to those around me is the greatest gift I could ever give.


One Comment on “My greatest gift ever”

  1. Susan Huth-Beckley December 20, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    That is a nice gift to give….Merry Christmas Sean

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