25 Days of Christmas Gifts (Week Two)

By Kristen Cawvey &  Melissa Kizer

Staff Reporters

Christmas Present storyLast week we gave you gift ideas for high school couples. This week is going to be a main focus on gifts for high school guys.

It’s much easier for guys to find gifts for girls than the other way around.

We love the special guys in our lives and although they may not admit it, they like receiving great gifts just as much as us girls do.

As long as there is obvious time and thought put into the gift, girls are happy with just about anything.

Guys on the other hand, they don’t tell us girls anything about what they want. Most of them just say, “Whatever” or “I don’t care” or even “I don’t know”.

Sometimes you may get the very annoying, “Surprise Me” (presents are already surprises, that’s kinda the point). Guys can be difficult to shop for, especially when they don’t ask for very much, so here are a few ideas that may help you this holiday.

Easy Simple Gifts

  • The easiest gift you can get a guy when you don’t know what to get him is a gift card to his favorite store or restaurant, this way he can pick out what it is he wants.  He could get a special dinner or some new clothes that he has been dying to get.
  • Another favorite is home cooked food.  You know the saying “a way into a man’s heart is through his stomach,” it’s true.  Plus guys eat a lot more than the girls so it’ll help their appetite for some home cooked food and it is best to be home cooked because that is the best kind of food out there.
  • Another things is to get them their favorite candy.  Who doesn’t love their favorite candy as a gift?  Its simple and sweet, literally and figuratively.
  • Next is to get them something of their favorite music.  A CD or a t-shirt or really anything of that artist/band memorabilia.  It shows you pay attention to what they like and love.  Also anything like an iTunes card.  Let them get their own music for their Apple device.  Everything is thoughtful.
  • You know what guys love? Video games.  They LOVE video games.  So anything related to what video game device they have will be best.  Just make sure it will be something they will like.  Some prefer Mario-cart over Call o f Duty.

The Over Gifters

  • If you want to go over the top with your present go shopping.  Get them a shirt or outfit that they would look amazing in.  This is not saying they don’t already look amazing.  You just want to get them something and you have known them forever so you should know what would look even better on them.  Just make sure you know their size and if you don’t  get a gift receipt.
  • Another thing to go with the outfit is cologne.  Again this isn’t saying that they smell bad, but this will make them smell extra good.  Who doesn’t want to smell good?
  • Last but not least make them something that means extra to him.  Sometimes a photo collage means the world, even to guys.  It shows the good times you have had and you won’t ever forget them.  If they aren’t that kind of person make them something of their likes: could be sports or could be a poster of some sort.  Just putting in the time to make something that is special to you and him will mean the world and is the best gift to give from the heart.

Hopefully this will help ease your guy shopping dilemma.  Next week will be the last of the gift ideas and the theme will be best friends.  Happy shopping.


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