Staff Welcomes Letters to the Editor

By Rachel Haywood

Managing Editor

For quite some time, What’s Bruin? has been looking forward to asking its readers to submit letters to the editor.  These letters give the people a voice.  Sometimes they end up being put into the publication for others to read.  In 200 words, points can be made and feelings can be expressed.  Emotions and feedback are some of the things that give newspapers their life and community connection.

Not many people want to read about a news article if they cannot figure out how it affects them.  A letter to the editor is one option that many publications utilize to clarify the intentions of a specific piece.  The general population can see that big picture upon reading the article with a fresh set of eyes.  Perspectives are unique and different.  Readers submit their “2-cents” on an article or topic and after approval by the staff, the newspaper will publish that person’s 2-cents.

Letters to the editor can also help the staff generate future story ideas.  People suggest what they want to read, and based on their current resources, the writers go out and find those stories.  The staff here at What’s Bruin? is looking for a new approach to community involvement and this might just be the next big thing.


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