Baseball player finds position on stage

By Amelia Morgan
Staff Reporter

Jack Welty plays baseball and has just recently joined the Northrop Bruin Theater Department. His junior year he tried out for the fall play Fahrenheit 451 and was cast as one of the two paramedics. He and his partner were the comic relief of the play.

I’m using the creative side of my brain like never before,” Jack said.

He finished his most recent performance, Midsummer Jersey, where he played the lead role of Lyle. And he has just succeeded in getting the parts Lodovico and Messenger #2, in Shakespeare’s Othello at First Presbyterian. Jack said he is happy with his parts and he honestly didn’t expect a part when he tried out. He does, however, hope the audience will be able to relate to the play.

“There’s a lot I can relate to in Othello. People hide things inside, but they come out in Othello, and it gives a more personal feel,” said Jack.

Although Jack had low expectations when trying out for the Othello, he usually isn’t a negative person. He said that he usually tries to keep negative thoughts out even when negative people try to bring him down. Jack thinks the people who put him down just don’t understand theater on the level that he does and he’s okay with that.

To keep negative thoughts out Jack relies on his great supporters: Mr. Miller and his parents.

Thanks to the positive thoughts that he keeps in his head, he is confident in what he does. He does get nervous though, which is normal for everybody, it’s just coping with it that is different. Jack says that he usually gets nervous, but in his last play he said he wasn’t nervous at all, “…but I forgot a line. I probably should’ve been nervous.”

Jack hopes that acting will play a role in his scholarship auditions. He said that having acting as a part of his career path is “…sort of a dream situation.”

This talented young actor likes to play funny characters and bad guys, he says they are the most fun. And when you play them you get to let loose and just not care about anything, you also have to be extremely creative.

Besides theater, Jack involves himself with the Northrop outfield and his job at Koto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi.  He’s also been known to strum the guitar.

“Always try to keep an open mind to anything pitched to you,” Jack said.


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