The Joys of the Holiday Season

By Courtney Carpenter
Staff Writer

Ah, Holidays. They are the next thing that makes people happy. Because, holidays to me means all of the families and our friends are spending time with everyone. Holidays are a special time for me because it’s not just about presents–it’s about being with the ones who I love.

Now, the holidays to other people think that, “Oh, I’m going to get lots of presents.” But it’s not. It’s about spending time with family and friends. I like to spend time with whomever is nice to me because some people in the world don’t care. I try to ignore them, well, as best as I can.

I also think holidays should be about going on trips. Go to Florida or Hawaii or Washington D.C. Many people  don’t have the time because they’re very busy for the holidays.

Also, people should appreciate other people and care for one another. I know the world doesn’t always work that way so I just move on.



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