Thanksgiving Dinner Do’s & Don’ts

By Christina Cephus
Chief Reporter

DO spend time with family if possible.

DON’T go over to your family’s house and compare their furniture to your own, suggesting that yours is better.

DO bring dishes to share with everyone.

DON’T bring nothing and then suggest that the food is mediocre.

DO sit down and enjoy the football game.

DON’T be a bandwagon jumper, saying that you love the team who’s playing, and then proceed to call the quarterback John Madden.

DO make ONE plate for the road.

DON’T fill all of your rubbermaid bowls and leave, knowing that you brought nothing to the dinner.

DO use the restroom, leaving it the way you found it.

DON’T go to the restroom and play with all of toiletries and then leave.

DO have one or two drinks.

DON’T get drunk and expect for people to coddle and be tolerant of you all night.


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