Sean’s Cafe: A great big dose of annoying people

By Sean Miller

Today in Sean’s Cafe, I’ll be talking about things that will offend, hurt or otherwise make you really uncomfortable.

So would you like a table or a booth?

The first on the menu is our drink list. The first drink is for those who think (and I quote): “Oh I can’t do it, I won’t succeed” Or “This is sooo hard!”

May I serve you a Hot piping hot glass of suck it up! Bite your lip and try to get through it. If you think you have a tough life, I bet I know kids that would kill to take your place … give or take a few things .

Sure, things are not going to go the right way and will go wrong in the end. I know that much, but what really makes me mad is that you people (and yes I use that phrase, sloppy) are and in doubt just a bunch of “attention whores.” (“Oh my gawd, he didn’t!’ Yes, I did. I just went there! and I’m going to say more than you want to hear at a certain risk to Northrop High school, and
On days when I am in a groggy mood, I hate going onto the bus and hear some girl/guy talk on the bus (loudly I might say) and announce: “My girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with me, it’s so hard to be me at the moment, I think I might as well end it all!” Sure, it may not be exactly like that, but honestly it gets pretty annoying.

My other drink on the menu is shut the h%#! up! and this is for those kids who: A)talk too much, and get mad and yell at everyone else when those kids tell them to be quiet. B.)kids who speak “mad whack” even though, if they had the voice (let alone backbone) to back up their word or their cause, it wouldn’t be enough to persuade the entire football team from breaking every bone in you. And C.)the annoying kids,who won’t let anyone else talk but wanna talk about themselves. I find people like them, the most annoying. Just “yada yada yada” and you can’t even get one word in edgewise.

Ugh! I can’t think of anymore people like those above, but when I do, I’ll add them to my menu and you too can order what I make and have a taste of it. Thank you for visiting Sean’s Cafe.


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