Swimmers dive into new season

By Ian Brubaker
Staff writer

Girls swim practice started last week and boys swim practices start today after school. Swim is a winter sport and lasts until the spring. Everyone on the boys swim team is eager and exited to get in the water. The swim team has 17 days of preparation until their first meet on November 26 at Carroll.

Both the girls and boys swim team had been having dry land practices at the weight room after school until last week when practice started at South Side Natatorium for the girls.

The boy’s team is excited about getting in the water. Most of the boy’s team have been out of the water since last season or since their summer swim team ended. Three of the boy’s swimmers ran Cross Country as a fall sport before the winter swim season and three other boys are in baseball and were conditioning through the fall. There is also a girl track runner who is thinking of going out for the team

Swim practice at South Side Natatorium starts at 3 p.m. This means that swimmers leave for the Natatorium right after school. Swimmers get to the pool either by riding the bus, using their own vehicle, or getting a ride with coach or an upper classmen.

After practice is over the swimmers either get individual rides home or carpool with other students or with swimmers parents. Unlike last year, there will be no before school practices this season. These practices used to start at 5:15 a.m. the Natatorium.

This year the girl’s team has 11 to 14 swimmers and the boy’s team has 18 to 20 swimmers. This is a drastic increase on the boy’s team compared to last year. Almost the entire boy’s team from last swim season has returned.

The whole team wants to try harder than last year and hopes to improve even more than last season. In addition to swim around a quarter of swimmers are also competing in dive. This is a lot compared to last year’s two competitive divers.

This year Northrop’s swim team has a new head coach. Heidi Slavkin coaches both the girls and boys team. Also there is a new girls and boys dive coach this year. Assistant Coach Ryan Black, who graduated from Northrop two years ago and is an experienced swimmer, is helping until January when he has to go back to college.


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