Joshi’s win leads speech to second place at South Side

By Melissa Kizer

Staff Reporter

This past Saturday the Speech Team went to South Side High School.  The meet went smoothly and Northrop received 2nd in the team sweepstakes.  The individual awards were:

  • Urvi Joshi received 1st in Varsity Impromptu Speaking as well as 1st in United States Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • Carolyn Spencer received 2nd in Varsity Prose.
  • Jacklynn Hess and Jennifer Hess received 2nd in Varsity Scripted Duo Interpretation.
  • Jacklynn Hess also received 2nd in Varsity Poetry.
  • Julia Landis received 2nd in Varsity Original Performance.
  • Lubna Naureen received 2nd in Novice Original Oratory.
  • Autumn Derr and Alexandretta Arbuckle received 3rd in Varsity Original Performance.
  • Erica Green and Jazzlyn Watson received 3rd in Novice Scripted Duo Interpretation.
  • Srikiran Dasari received 3rd in Varsity International Extemporaneous Speaking as well as 5th in Varsity Impromptu Speaking.
  • Alix York received 4th in Novice Student Congress.
  • Janae Gerdom received 4th in Varsity Broadcasting.
  • Andrew Brown received 5th in Novice Original Oratory.
  • Andrew Reigelman received 5th in Novice International Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • Hijiri Baker received 5th in Varsity Original Oratory.
  • Thi Pham received 5th in Novice United States Extemporaneous Speaking as well as 7th in Novice Impromptu Speaking.
  • Courtney Carpenter received 6th in Novice Broadcasting.
  • Blessing Okendu received 7th in Varsity Student Congress.
  • Christine Bursoto received 7th in Varsity Broadcasting.
  • Jennifer Hess also received 7th in Varsity Impromptu Speaking.
  • Caleb Curtis received 8th in Varsity Student Congress.

“Overall I thought the team did very well.  All we need to do is practice to go up from here,” said junior Caleb Curtis.


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