The FWCS School Choice Fair

By Christina Cephus

Chief Reporter

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Residents of the Fort Wayne area were given the opportunity to view what the FWCS school district had to offer as Northrop hosted the 2013 School Choice Fair, November 2.

The yearly event show-cases the various schools of the FWCS district for parents who may be new to the area, as well as parents who are undecided on where they want their toddlers to attend in the years to come.

“The purpose of the school choice fair is to show what our school district has to offer,” said Kim Brooks, administrator.

While browsing the career-opportunity booths that were set up, visitors were provided with snacks, sample school supplies, and entertainment, such as face-painting and balloon art.

The main message that was being portrayed at the fair was the importance of education and how FWCS goes about spreading that message to its citizens.

“[Education] helps shape the student’s future,” said April Didion, Maplewood elementary nurse.

From the start of the event till the end, the auditorium held motivational speakers, former graduates of the FWCS district, such as NFL scout Jason Barnes, spine surgeon Alan McGee, and profession musician Lance Tolbert.

They were then followed by a performance from South Side’s show choir.

The “dedicated staff” is part of what helps FWCS stand out among other school districts, said Julie Hyndman, Vice president of the Ft. Wayne Education Association.

“We teach for every child,” she said.

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