Midsummer Jersey funny, clever, successful

By Ian Brubaker
Staff Writer

The school play Midsummer Jersey premiered on Oct. 24 and concluded on Oct. 26. The play was a clash of the hit TV show Jersey Shore and William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream to make a hilarious comedy.

The play was a success according to almost the entire crowd. A lot of those attending said the play was funny.
Preparation for the play had started in early September with student actors auditioning for roles and theater classes preparing the costumes and scenery for the play.

The play took place on the beach so a boardwalk had to be made and around half of the actors starred as fairies in the play so individual costumes had to be created — complete with different wings and face paint for each fairy. The scene design and direction was by Tim Miller.

The scene design included a forest background. Kia Miller, a teacher, was the Make-up and Costume Assistant. And Corey Lee, also a teacher, was the Technical and Lighting Director.
The play had a corny sense of humor such as knock-Knock jokes. And while other parts had more adult humor, such as when a fairy uses inappropriate terms to describe shooting a bow and arrow, the whole play was about a love story between four young adults and two powerful fairies.

At some times the play had the audience confused, such as when the fairies were first introduced, and how they could turn “invisible” during the play. But by the end of the play most people had an understanding of what happened. The play started out with a couple being guest stars at a school and revealing that they have been married since the end of high school. The rest of the play is a flashback explaining how the two ended up getting married.
The Cast was Jennifer Hess as Principal Platt. Marissa Tabor as Mia DiCarlo, one of the four young adults. Jack Welty as Lyle Fagioli, another one of the four young adults who gets married. Chris Rearick, Evan Burnau, and Adam Day all stared as S.W.A.T fairies that protected the fairy king (Oberon). Brooke Householder as Chelsea/Raindrop, a fairy. D.J Grayson as Governor Athens. Lindsay French as Hippolyta, the governor’s wife/fiancé. Abby Nieman as Phyllis Trait, the governor’s assistant. Alex Luther as Justine DiCarlo, Mia’s mother who also works for the governor. Tristan Rogers as Dennis, one of the four main young adults. Maddie Beck as Helene, another one of the four main young lovers.

Alyssa Straessle as Patti Quince, a hair stylist. Jacob Huss as Nikki Bottom who works at the beauty salon and plays Romeo in the play within a play. Carolyn Spencer as Franci Flute a tanning specialist at beauty salon who plays Juliet in the play. Kellsey Kolkman as Terri Thumbs who is a hairstylist at the beauty salon and is the friar in the play. Caitline Southern as Roberta Sudds who does shampoo at the beauty salon and plays the balcony in the play. Jaclynn Hess as Janet Snug who does nails at the beauty salon and is the lion in the play.

Caleb Curtis plays Robin Goodfellow/Puck an adviser to the fairy king (Oberon). Dzheyn Makevit as Moonbeam a fairy who serves the fairy queen. Paige Sherwood as Sunflower another fairy. Lila Landis as Sunshine a fairy. Kyla Hall as Peaseblossom a fairy. Sydney Witzigreuter as Mote a fairy. Rachel Markowski as Cobweb a fairy. Alexandra Stieber as Turtle a fairy. Kelli Baker as Mustardseed a fairy. Kyle Jenkins as Oberon the king of the fairies. Anna Jiang as Titania the queen of the fairies. Contrille Booker as Rufus, the father of Mia.


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  1. audreysanner November 6, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Nice job on your story, Ian, go you.

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