Don’t frown, you’re not a clown

By Nontae Aung
Staff Writer

“When you’re feeling down, get yourself back up.” It’s a common quote for those who have given up on themselves, and don’t know how to get it together.

There’s always those days that puts you in a slump and you’re just moody throughout the week. This probably happens when someone you hate or love or admire dumps you, makes you feel hurt, or says something bad about you or to you. If that’s not it then it’s probably because no one is talking you, or everything just goes wrong that day.  You thought something good was going to happen, was anticipating for it, and it doesn’t happen.


So, instead of feeling all sad and depressed go have some fun, and cheer yourself up.

For example, do the hokey pokey or cupid shuffle with your siblings,parents, or friends. Trust me it might be silly and weird, but IT CHEERS YOU UP SO MUCH.

There are other things you can do to get your mind of the topic such as, watching a comedy while eating butter popcorn or doing some yoga to push the negative aura away. Meditating is also a good idea, but if you can’t sit still and keep feeling distracted, Stop. Talk to someone close to take some weight off your chest. They’ll understand, and will try to help you out.

The bad thing to do is trying to soothe yourself, when you are unwilling to let go. This definitely won’t help you cheer up.

I’d suggest you ride a bike, take a nice walk, bake a cake, and MAKE YOURSELF laugh.  Nothing’s better than a good laugh when you’re all down in the dumps.

Scream out how You are feeling or sing until you break your lungs. Listen to music and imitate your favorite singer, band, or whoever to make you feel like a ROCKSTAR.

If you just want to stay indoors and be simple then make yourself something to eat or drink,  read a good book, or drink a lot of water, you might not believe me but it’s real good for you. Real good….

Well, if your that crazy person that likes making weird noises and sounds to feel better and smile, go ahead.  Anything you try will uplift your mind, body, and soul.

Don’t be depressing, and start adjusting. If you’re not willing then you’re killing yourself for giving up. Stay positive.

Stop frowning and looking weird, that’s a clown’s job.


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