Speech & Debate team puts in massive hours of preparation

By Melissa Kizer

Staff Reporter

timeline for speech

A typical speech meet follows this timeline. Graphic by Melissa Kizer

Speech and Debate last much longer then it seems, and we have meets every Saturday.

Debate meets differ from speech meets and don’t have meets as many times as speech does.  Debate meets are longer than speech meets because of the more components to it than speech.  Some meets are further away than others.

No matter how far the school is, rounds for speech and debate start at 8:00 am or it will start later if we have to wait for some of the schools to show up because they are running late.  Of course, Northrop Speech and Debate Team doesn’t have that problem.

For example, on November 2 the team goes to Indianapolis at Fishers High School, where the State Speech Meet is every year.  The Speech Team has to leave Northrop at 5 a.m.  It is very hard to get up that early to go somewhere all day and compete, but when competing for something enjoyable and practice for it doesn’t seem like all day.

The first round starts at 8 a.m.  if all the schools are there.  It really depends on the schedule for the rest of the day and the rest of the rounds because of how many schools and competitors there are.  With a speech meet, there are three rounds and a final, depending on how many competitors are there and it determines the schedule for the rest of the day.  Also it depends if the meet runs smoothly, so that means if competitors get to their rounds on time and if they are in more than one event they go to both rounds.  If the competitors don’t do this it will hold up the meet and cause the meet to go slower.

A speech meet does last all day.  Every meet is different with location, competition, and quantity, so every time speech has a meet you can’t expect to be done by a certain time.  The speech day is very long, but it is very worth it when the team does their best and has fun with it.


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