Three Bruins qualify for Cross Country regionals

By Ian Brubaker
Staff Writer
Boys Cross Country placed 9th at sectionals Tuesday. Sending Dustin Starns and Dylan Wagner to run at regionals Saturday.

The girls Cross team also placed 9th and Patricia Bolton moved on to regionals.
The weather was fantastic for a good run, around 55F and cloudy with there was a very little amount of rain.

“This is a perfect day for running,” said assistant Coach Rickert.

Almost all the Junior Varsity runners from both the girls and boys team showed up to support their teammates and help work the meet. Eleven other teams showed up to run Boys and Girls sectionals.

The teams were Carroll, Bishop Dwenger, Homestead, Concordia Lutheran, Snider, North Side, Leo, Blackhawk Christian, Columbia City, Whitko and Garret.

The boys running in the meet were Dustin Starns, Dylan Wagner, Andrew Distlerath, Ryan Swanson, Ryan Elward and Nick Jones.

The top girls were Patricia Bolton, Victoria McCuiston, Jessica Elward, Karen Klopsch, Kyara Muhammad, Paige Geiger and Shelby Nave.
The boys team stayed together for most of the first mile of the race, then split up around the beginning of the second mile and stayed around 25 seconds apart for the rest of the race.

Dustin Starns finished 19th  and Dylan Wagner placed 35th. Both moved on to regionals.

Andrew Distlerath placed 57th, Ryan Swanson in 58th place, Ryan Elward in 62, Nick Jones placed 64.

The girl runners spread about 30 seconds apart from one another for almost the entire race. But towards the end some girls began to sprint ahead and spread out even farther away from the rest of their team mates. The top girl runner was Patricia Bolton, she placed 22nd overall and will be moving on to regionals.

Victoria McCuiston placed 41st, Jessica Elward placed 54th, Karen Klopsch placed 56th, Kyara Muhammad placed in 58th, Paige Geiger placed 62nd, and Shelby Nave placed in 74th.

The overall team scores for the boys were Carroll in first place, Bishop Dwenger in 2nd place, Homestead in 3rd, Concordia Lutheran in 4th, Snider in 5th, North Side in 6th, Leo in 7th, Blackhawk Christian in 8th, Northrop in 9th, Columbia City in 10th, Whitko in 11th, and Garret in 12th place.

The girl’s team places were almost the same as the boys but there were a few place changes. Carroll placed in first, Homestead in 2nd, Concordia Lutheran in 3rd, Bishop Dwenger in 4th, Snider in 5th, Columbia City in 6th, Leo in 7th, North Side in 8th, Northrop in 9th, Garret in 10th, Whitko in 11th, and Blackhawk Christian in 12th.


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One Comment on “Three Bruins qualify for Cross Country regionals”

  1. Carolyn Spencer October 19, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    awesome job 🙂 go IAN!!!

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