Homestead Hits BOP Hard

By Rachel Haywood
Managing Editor

The Big Orange Pride traveled to Homestead High School for their weekend invitational. Six high school bands performed in Class A, and Homestead performed in exhibition.

Last week at the Penn High School Invitational, the Big Orange Pride placed 6th out of 9 with a score of 62.1. This week, the BOP scored a 67.55, in last place.

Many band members commented on their score that their score may not have been entirely accurate. Whatever the case may be, the musicians of the Big Orange Pride are still working hard to succeed in their competition season.

These high school bands are grouped by school enrollment numbers. Schools like Carroll, Homestead and Penn have about the same number of students as we do here at NHS, but they have bands twice our size.

Students and spectators alike see this categorization as unfair, when the BOP could be competing against bands their own size in a lower level, perhaps in Class B. Marchers also commented that the choreography, taught to students three days prior to competing was one of the harder aspects of this week’s show.

Supporters of the band still praise the students’ hard work and offer encouragement during this season’s rough patch. There are several talented bands in Class A this year from Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas, so the Big Orange Pride has their work cut out for them. Next week, the BOP travels to Wayne High School for the Snider Invitational.

The competition is still young, and Northrop can still catch up to its competitors in the three weeks before band competition finals. With dedicated practice, focused attention and hearts on fire, this band can do great things. Join me on Twitter and the BOP next week for the sixth week of competition! “What are we? ONE! B.O.P!”


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