Time to Grow Up

By Melissa Kizer
Staff Reporter

High School is the time to figure out what you want to go to college for and figure out your career.  High school is the time to prepare for college: academic wise and behavior wise.  Many students still act like they are still in middle school.  Seriously it is time to grow up.  Here are some tips to mature so you can be ready for college behavior wise.

1. Commenting on everything a person says isn’t funny

The most annoying thing is when someone comments on every single little thing that someone or the teacher says.  When people make stupid comments in class it is funny for a little while when the teacher comments back but when it is a constant everyday occurrence it becomes super annoying.  People actually come to school to learn but can’t when the class is always being disrupted.  Let the people who want to learn, learn and save your remarks for after school hours.  Think before you talk and you would seem less annoying.

2. Respect everyone’s opinion

Everyone has their own opinion.  Some opinions might be the same as yours but other people have a different opinion on a certain subject.  You shouldn’t make fun of someone’s opinion if it isn’t the same as yours.  It is rude to beat down someone just because of their opinion.  It’s an opinion so you aren’t supposed to have the same thought about that topic but you still have to be respectful to other people’s opinions.

3.  Don’t force yourself to be the center of attention

People think it is funny when one person always interrupts class with a smart remark and then they are the center of attention.  Don’t try to be because it makes you seem full of yourself and annoying.  Just be yourself when your at school.  School is a place to learn, not a place to be the center of attention.

4.  Worry about your own problems

Many people gossip.  That’s all they do is talk about what the girl next to them is wearing and how it is so out of style and blah blah blah.  Worry about yourself because if you get into other people’s business it causes conflict then it turns into a whole mess.  Plus you seem annoying and very rude when you always talk about people.  People wouldn’t want to hang out with someone if all they talk about is other people and how they don’t fit in.

5. Act your age and not your shoe size

Many people act like their shoe size.  You are supposed to grow up and realize you have to act your age or no one is going to take you seriously and just think you are plain annoying.  Don’t be lazy or complain about doing something, just do it.  It is annoying to hear people complain about doing something when it isn’t really hard to do.  It isn’t hard to do something and since you are at school you kinda got to do something.

6.  Don’t be rude

At Northrop there are a lot of people, so one time or another you will run into someone by accident.  Just say you are sorry and move on.  No one wants to hear you scream that they should watch where they are going.  It’s annoying because it was an accident, you don’t need to be rude about it.

This list should help you mature and realize people like people when they don’t act like they are in middle school and are just plain immature.


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