Eagles should top Giants in an ugly game

By AJ Neal
Staff Writer

This game will be hard to watch because both teams are having a below average season. These are two very talented teams and everyone has a time were they play bad and these teams just happen to do it at the same time.

Everyone knows Vick can be a mobile quarterback and he’s good at it.  If you see something working why change it? He didn’t  get to the NFL by pocket passes. I know they want him to be safe but why would you completely take away what he’s best at?

To win this game, it’s plain and simple  knowing the Giants don’t have all their end rushers you have to let Vick go. Let him and LeSean McCoy play the option game and it will open the passing game and they can use their deep threat DeSean Jackson. Vick, Jackson, and McCoy could be a great wildcat combination but knowing the Eagles it’s not going to go well.

The Giants are better but far from good this year. Giants are kind of like the Eagles have a lot of talent. They have a couple key injuries but they still shouldn’t be playing as bad as they are. They are former Super Bowl Champions. Manning is playing like he scared to move in the pocket or throw the ball. They just need to get it together.

It will be interesting to see which team wins and if they will even play good.  Which ever quarterback plays good that’s who will win? Eagles 9-3.


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