Brave Girls: Rebekah Griggs straps on a helmet for Shawnee


Rebekah Griggs was inspired by her brother Austin Goggans, junior defensive lineman for the Bruins. Photo by Christina Cephus

Christina Cephus
Chief Reporter

Rebekah Griggs, 8th grader at Shawnee middle school, is breaking typical gender stereotypes by being one of two girls to join her school’s football team.

Rebekah’s love of football was foundĀ  during her first grade year when she started playing flag football.

It wasn’t until the 7th grade when she began playing tackle football.

Even though she waited until her 7th grade year to play, Rebekah wished that she had started playing for Shawnee in the 6th grade.

“I would’ve been good,” she said.

Playing in high school is a dream of Rebekah’s, but she has doubts about joining the team, because her brother, Austin Goggans, plays for Northrop.

“I don’t want to embarrass my brother,” Rebekah explained.

Rebekah’s brothers, Austin Goggans and Korrie Griggs, encourage her to play. They are her inspirations for putting on the pads.

“They told me I should play football, so I did,” Rebekah said.

When she’s not playing football, Rebekah likes to play softball, soccer and basketball.

In addition to playing sports, she also likes reading, writing, and watching movies.


Rebekah Griggs, an 8th grader at Shawnee, plays center on the football team. She dreams of playing for the Bruins next year. Photo by Christina Cephus

“I love zombie movies,” she said.


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