Top 5 shoes in Bruin Nation

Nontae Aung
Staff Writer

Shoes everywhere are being worn with so much love and care. Shoes newly bought by the owner wear them the next day to show off the worth of ‘coolness.’

It’s so easy to spot them just a hallway away! Some wear it with anything and others are picky and have to choose specific type of pants to go with it. That’s how much these shoes are precious to the owner. If the shoes were ever stolen, missing fliers would be everywhere, and questions will be asked over and over again to find them.

After getting some new shoes many walk like they have no joints. Scared to make any creases to the shoes, they look like they’re limping in the hallway. Not even a millimeter of dirt should be found on the shoe or there’s going to be war.

There are so many varieties of shoes everywhere, but here in Northrop these are the Top Five brand named shoes that have been popular so far.

1. Nikes

2. Jordans

3. Vans

4. Sperrys

5. Toms

Everywhere I go the shoes listed above are worn by hundreds! If these shoes are so popular in Bruin Country, then think about the WHOLE U.S! It’s probably happening already, but man, shoes these days are way more important and carefully taken care of.


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