Facebook Strikes Again!

Jahari Hilton

A month ago the Fort Wayne Police Department got a phone call from a local hospital, reporting about a shooting victim who had driven himself  to the hospital. Apparently just moments before the crime scene, the victim had been preparing to hang with some female friends when he found out a male friend of his, whom he had dropped off awhile before, had been talking about him on Facebook. Deciding to confront the person, he texted him telling him he was coming over to fight.

When he reached the man’s house, he was standing in the front yard, armed with a gun. The man began with shooting a warning shot, telling him to leave. Unfazed, the victim began arguing, calling the shooter weak for using the gun. Without saying anything else, the man shot him.

All of this, like many fights between younger people these days, started on Facebook and escalated into the real world. Few people ever think about how badly social media can change their lives. Open your eyes and take a look at what’s going on around you. People are dying before their lives take off and it often it seems to have something to do with a social network.

Teenagers seem to take pride in the things they do on social networks such as: posting raunchy photos and statuses, cyber-bullying and cheating. But little do they know these are the types of things that’s going to come back and bite them in the bottom rather it’s through colleges, careers or life. Many females see it as being “grown,” males see it as being a “man.”

My opinion? I see it as silly and so will everybody else, including yourself,  when the consequences hit you back.

Miley wasn’t telling lies when she said “Life’s What You Make It.” Posting whatever you want is not what being grown is about and if you have to go through the consequences to learn that, then so be it.

Nobody’s going to try to convince you to do the right thing because in the end, you’re the one whose going to suffer. Think about it.


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