Doctor Who Club Working on Short Film

Elijah Eversman

Staff Reporter

The Doctor Who club, Whovians Anonymous, are currently planning on making a short film as this year’s activity.

“Last year, it was a lot of arguing among the group over who was the best doctor,” said Mr. Beckley, the faculty adviser of the club.

It will be put on when it is finished and will run for about 15 minutes or so. The setting of the film will be Northrop High School (of course).

The story goes on as students discover an extremely cute alien species, which later turn out to be known as the “Fuzzles”.  Not too long afterwards, dead students start to turn up, seemingly killed by the Fuzzles.  So the students start to hope for the Doctor to show up to help.  Will he come to rescue the the students in peril?  Or will the students have to fend for themselves?

People who are not fans of the series will find this fan fiction very interesting and watch it.

The Doctor Who club meets Thursdays after school in D111.  Doctor Who is a British science fiction show that has been running since 1963.  It is about a humanoid alien who is known as “The Doctor” who travels in a time-traveling spaceship.


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