Appleseed festival celebrates foods, crafts

Elijah Eversman

Staff Reporter

This weekend was the Johnny Appleseed Festival at the Memorial Coliseum.  This was a great event to go with friends and family.  There were many things to do, such as get your caramel apples and various other foods, and there were many items that could be purchased.  There were crafts, demonstrators and entertainment all based on life in the 1800’s.

Johnny Appleseed was a folk hero who wanted to end hunger by helping to grow so many apples that nobody would be hungry anymore.  His real name was John Chapman.  In 1792, when he was 18, he set off on his journey to plant apple trees.

As for souvenirs, there were many things that could be purchased.  These include various crafts, wooden swords, real swords, and the wooden bows have always been popular with the kids.  The food was pretty varied.  The caramel apples were not the only things on the menu.  There were steak sandwiches, apple shortcakes, and various meats and treats.

All in all, it was a great way to spend the weekend with your friends or family.  It was a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the perfect weather we had for it this year.



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