Drumline defines family

Amelia Morgan

Staff Reporter

The percussion section is a family. They all grow stronger together, learn together, compete together, inspire and encourage each other, and are determined to improve skills every single day.

As a family, they also have their moments, whether those moments be good or bad, they have them and get through them together. Every single day is a new adventure. Anyone can walk to band practice or into the percussion room, and honestly not know what to expect. There is always a new joke, or a new song, or someone jumping on someone else’s back.

For many it’s a place where if someone starts out crying, the can walk into that room and matter.

The percussion group lifts each other up and catches those who fall.

“You can’t get 10 people together and expect them to get along, but 10 musicians can do things that amaze the world,” said sophomore Gabe Cieslik, marimba player.

The pit and drum line family is an amazing group of people. The pit and drum line accepts everyone, even if left out previously in different sections of the band.

“I wasn’t accepted in my last section, I wasn’t accepted until I joined pit. The first person to accept me was Ben Sullivan. I want to be here more than be with my actual family. I feel comfortable here,” said eighth grader marimba 3 and xylophone player Camry Thomas.

“I love that we can come together and forget the world and do beautiful things,” said Cieslik.


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