Top Five Apps to Survive Highschool

Nigel Kilby
Staff Editor

Edmodo – Using this app will keep you connected with your teacher, and look up your assignments that you forgot to write down.

Algebra Tech – This app is mainly made for extra practice on using Algebra, and will be good to get ahead and understanding problems. The app is VERY attractive and easy to use; the app also gives extra help on how to do the problems.

Calculator – This may be obvious, but the default calculator could be a great tool for your math assignments!

Dictionary – Obviously this will come in handy when you’re doing some reading and don’t know what a certain means. It is a great tool to be able to quickly look up the word without having to flip pages in a big book!

Dropbox – This is a Cloud Storage Service that allows you to save documents, pictures and video files to be shared amongst your various devices. Dropbox can be accessed via a web browser on a PC or Mac or via the Dropbox App on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. This will be useful for projects, papers, or anything you need to save.

I love to use apps to help me with homework, projects, and other things that I used to struggle with in school. Using technology is becoming a lot more prevalent in schools all over, and I hope that it becomes more acceptable soon! Using these apps will help you, and keep you on the right path to getting good grades and having a successful school year.


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