Couples at Northrop

Ashton Willingham
Staff Writer

Walking down every hall in Northrop High School you see multiple different kinds of couples. At Northrop High School we don’t discriminate, if you like the same gender we as a school will support you. If you’re into interracial relationships this school will come together as a team and support you and make you feel comfortable.

Every single day I walk down Northrop Halls I notice more and more bi-sexual relationships. Every so often, I hear the ignorant people trying to “gun” (in modern slang, but “insult” in old people speak)  and hurt feelings. Most of the time the people who make fun of people who are different are the ignorant ones and there are a few reasons why these people feel the need to make fun of someone else: one–they can be insecure about themselves and two, they try to fit and the crowd they’re in.

Do people really understand what bulling does to people? Clearly, they don’t. Maybe they don’t realize that sometimes bullying can hurt so bad that the only escape is suicide?

If we cut those people out of Northrop this would be a great school.

If the person you’re with is the person you really want to be with, then the people trying to judge you shouldn’t matter. Love isn’t predictable, you can’t help who you fall in love with, it happens.

You shouldn’t fall in love with someone’s looks you should always look deeper and their personality should matter more than what the person looks. This guy can be drop dead gorgeous but have the worst personality and treat you like crap. Look deeper and find someone who isn’t all that bad looking but has an outstanding personality you’re most likely going to have a better relationship.

People at Northrop are so worried about expressing their true feelings on what they like or who they’re honestly attracted to because they’re so used to people making fun of them and not letting them express themselves.

If we had more open minded people here at Northrop there wouldn’t really be a lot of shy people.



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