Blueberries attack Plymouth

Holly Firestine
Staff Writer

Plymouth Indiana was attacked by blueberries over Labor Day Weekend. The Festival ran from Thursday through Monday.

There were food venders offering many versions of those tasty little blueberries. The day I was at the Festival, I ate so many blueberries, I thought I might turn blue. I had a blueberry smoothie, which was creamy like ice cream and with little explosion of blueberries melting in your mouth.

The blueberry waffle (with blueberry syrup of course) were soft, big and mushy and nearly light as a pancake.

Then for a snack I had a blueberry funnel cake, crispy with clouds of powdered sugar mixed with a dab of cinnamon and brown sugar. Not healthy, I know. I also had to try a piece of blueberry shortcake, which was puffed up like an over-stuffed muffin covered with even more blueberries and dollops of whipped cream that stood like meringue. With a mysterious brown sugar froth drizzled over the shortcake to finish it off.

There was so many choices of different ways to eat blueberries.

There were also other venders selling merchandise that was related to blueberries. I seen blueberry candles, purses made out of blueberry material, blueberry scented soaps, blueberry decorations, and blueberry t-shirts. I have never seen so many blueberries at one Festival. If your not interested in blueberries, that was plenty of other things to see and do.

Photo from Bartlett's Blueberry Facts

Photo from Bartlett’s Blueberry Facts

There were hot air balloons, fireworks, amusement rides, and other fun things to do. The Blueberry Festival is fun for all ages. The Blueberry Festival has ended so you will have to come on out next year to see everything and have some FUN!


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