The Card Club

Ami Morgan

Staff Reporter

Just last Tuesday, The Card Club had its first meeting in Mr. Long’s class. As of now they have way more people than last year, and they are hoping to accommodate even more members over the year.

For right now they just only play the card games Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, but they are very willing to take in new people and play or learn new games. The president, James Stephenson, said they are very willing to teach people how to play the games they play if they don’t know how. James is hoping to have more people join the club, because right now it is kind of small.

The days card club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from the end of school until 4:30, you don’t need to bring anything unless you absolutely want to, if you don’t own a deck of cards or can’t bring them, the club will have some there  you can use. According to Mr. Long, last year the card club had a tournament with a visiting school.

The president doesn’t know if they will have a tournament against visiting schools, but he says that there is a chance that they will have sub tournaments within the group itself. The boys and girl in the group are extremely welcoming, and they’d love to have new members.

These amazing students put their heart and soul into the game that they play, and make an incredible battle. If you have any questions about the club, you can call or text the president of the club at (330) 219-2407.


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