Top Ten: Annoying Things that Teachers Do

Christina Cephus

Staff Reporter

Teachers really make a difference in the outcome of your schooling experience, believe it or not, and while all teachers aren’t these devils that everyone makes them out to be, there are some things that they do that annoy us students to no end. If you’re a teacher and you do too many of the following, you may need to re-evaluate your style of teaching:
10. Being Too Nice
You’re probably currently questioning my sanity for suggesting that there’s something wrong with a nice teacher. There’s nothing wrong with being nice, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a fine line between being nice and letting people walk all over you. Your classroom shouldn’t look like a One Direction concert. You’re the teacher, we’re the students. You do have the right to tell someone to sit down and be quiet, so please use that right.
9. Assigning Group Projects
I don’t think that this one takes too much explaining because I’m sure we’ve all been assigned to a group in which we were the only ones doing work while our “partners” just sat there, acting like we’ve just spoken a foreign language because we asked them what they wanted to contribute to the project. There’s nothing wrong with group projects if the partners that you’re given make an effort to help.
8. Giving Out Homework Over a Vacation
You thought you were going to have an actual vacation? Pfft, that’s a good one. Here, take this huge project that’s going to take up most of your free time and be worth 90% of your grade.
Oh, and it will also be due first thing when you return and if it’s late, you fail the class. Great, huh?
7. Pointing You Towards a Book Without Proper Direction
“Teacher, what page are we on?”
“It’s in your book, look for it.”
“Teacher, what chapter are we in?”
“It’s in your book, look for it.”
“Teacher, which book are we working in?”
“It’s in your book, look for it.”
To some degree you should refrain from allowing your students to be lazy and tell them to find what they’re looking for on their own, but a little assistance wouldn’t be a bad thing either. I merely asked you once, being the only one to have asked, and since I’m taking the initiative and making an effort to do the work, pointing me in the right direction so that I actually can would be nice.
6. Telling the Class to Be Quiet as They Continue to Talk
So you’re sitting there trying to focus on your test, and then one person decides to talk, which then causes the teacher to give the class a thirty minute lecture about staying quiet while the atmosphere should be quiet…Until something like this happened, you probably took the peace and quiet for granted.
5. Suggest That You Remember Something
“Teacher, what does _______ mean?”
“You should remember that, you learned it in the third grade.”
Are you seriously expecting me to remember something that happened over seven years ago? I can barely remember what I did last week! There’s no way I’m going to remember something that happened over seven years ago. By this logic, I should be able to ask you what you ate for lunch on the tenth of October, during your freshman year in high school and get an accurate answer.
4. Giving Out Irrelevant Homework
Is this Star Trek crossword puzzle going to help me find the terminal side of an angle? No?
Then please tell me why I’m doing it as homework. Homework should be assigned to help you prepare for future quizzes or tests that you may be given. Instead of giving out fluff work because you can’t think of anything better to give out, why not hand us something that would actually be beneficial to our grade or give us nothing at all?
3. Lying About Collecting Homework
I understand not wanting to tell the class that you’re not going to pick up homework, because of course no one would do it, but why lie? If the homework isn’t worth picking up, then why are we even doing it? Homework is meant be given out to help students grasp a concept. Their understanding of that concept will then reflect in that work, which will ultimately help the teacher decide which direction to go in with that student. How are we ever going to improve if you don’t even collect our homework and properly check it to be assured that we understand what you’re teaching?
2. Putting Their Back Side Near Your Face
This one isn’t usually done on purpose, but it definitely needs to be addressed.
I realize that helping a student generally requires you to slightly bend over so that you have easy access to the work on their desk, but there are a number of angles that you can shift your body into so that your butt isn’t having a close and personal meeting with my face.
1. Punishing The Whole Class for One Person’s Actions
As easy as it is for me to turn around in my seat and pick out the people who are talking, it’s just as easy for the teacher who has a view of the whole class to spot the people who are talking and punish those selected few, but do they?
Nope, because apparently it’s a whole lot easier to make the whole class suffer because a few people decided that their conversation couldn’t wait until passing period.
Overall, as I said earlier, teachers aren’t bad people.
They just have a tendency to do really irritating things…Sometimes.

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