Technology in Schools: Good and Resourceful or Bad and Dangerous

More and more schools are adding technology to the curriculum.

More and more schools are adding technology to the curriculum.

Melissa Kizer
Staff Reporter

Technology: something that teenagers are very dependent on.  We use the internet for homework help, textbooks and a lot of other things as well.  With technology progressing, we use it in Fort Wayne Community Schools.  At Northrop we use class sets of Ipads for lessons.  So is technology as bad as people say it is?

“It can be fun if you are aware of the dangers,” said Ms. McCorkle, English teacher.

Technology keeps moving, never stops.  We find easier ways to get help for our school work.   We have online textbooks so we can use them and not carry home a big textbook.  With that online textbook you can access videos on the lesson you are, example problems, quizzes on the chapter, and other things that help you understand what you didn’t in the classroom.  We use Edmodo to ask questions to teachers and other students for homework help, so you don’t have to wait until right before the assignment is due to ask questions.  And with Edmodo you can get alerts on quizzes, assignments, tests, and when things are due.  Also the teachers are on there to answer the questions on your homework or just questions about the lesson.

We have so many resources that we can access online.  Even this newspaper I am writing for is online.  So many things we can access on our smart phones or computers that’s easy to get to.  Things that prepares us of what we will need to use in the future because as I said earlier technology keeps moving.

Students at Northrop said that technology is a great tool that helps. They acknowledge the real-world uses for the world after graduation but many realize the need for restrictions and it shouldn’t replace everything. The students are aware it technology can be abused, which ruins the opportunity for other students.  Almost all of them said it should be a privilege not a right.

So you decide: is technology in schools good and resourceful or bad and dangerous.


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