Writing Letters is Lost, Technology Takes Over

By: Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

Technology takes leaps and bounds every day, with communication hot on its tail. Cell phones now have voice programs that speak to the user. Computers have softwares to type and function just by hearing certain commands. Vehicles have blue tooth capabilities so drivers can talk hands-free while still driving the car. Emails and instant messages can be sent thousands of miles away in a matter of a few seconds. Technology, however, could not have blossomed without first initiating communication. The all important concept of communicating with others started long before email, text, instant message, and digital software from computers. At one point in history, hand-written letters served as the only means of communication. The Pony Express could then carry those letters to their destination, usually within ten days or so.

Written letters have lost their appeal in today’s society. The outdated form of communication served its purpose many years ago, and now the fast-paced world just does not have the time to wait at the mailbox. Cursive writing ceases to exist in the elementary school curriculum. The youth of today cannot appreciate the elegance and sophistication of well-developed hand writing. Love letters were the perfect excuse to sit down and spill your emotions out on a piece of paper to send to the one you love. Those letters traveled for great distances, in the hopes that the right person would be reading it. Communication to loved ones overseas during times of hardship and war used to be in the form of letters. Nowadays, soldiers Skype and email their family back home.

Hand-written letters also used to show appreciation for the recipient. Taking the time to sit down somewhere to write the letter told the person they were important enough in someone’s life. Spending the money to buy the stamp and the time to mail the letter displayed even more care and friendship. The letters would then become keepsakes for those who received them.

Government documents were also written by hand. The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution are two of the most important pieces of writing this country will ever see. Today, in a society of computers and digital communication, taking the time to write a letter cannot be found. Writing holds an important piece of this world’s past, and to move forward in the future, we have to learn from what we already know. Writing by hand is not just about love letters. It’s about connecting with people the “old-fashioned” way to embrace the advancements in today’s technological society.


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