Prom Denied to Students

By Mariah Holland
Staff Writer

There are many very important events as well as highlights in everyone’s senior year of high school. The senior prom has got to be the most anticipated for all students. Several students however aren’t eligible to attend prom this year.

Senior Mikayla Ervin says, “I have really been looking forward to going to my senior prom. Getting the dresses, makeup done, limos, the all out royal treatment. However, because of my attendance, I’m not able to attend. I’m kind of sad because of it. I’ll probably just end up  celebrating with everyone afterwords.”

Some students think that the requirements were a little too harsh.

Senior Aliya Turner says, “They should be more lenient with the requirements because you only get one prom, we all can’t come to school one hundred percent of the time. After all twelve to fourteen years of schooling we have had, we all…well some deserve it, even with the little attendance mistakes.”

Because of the no-prom list, a number of students plan on celebrating with one another afterwords. After prom, the top choices for dinner that night among students are Red Lobster, iHop, and Olive Garden. Some students attending prom however, plan on eating dinner before the big night. Overall, the night is bound to be full of long-lasting memories and surprises!


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