New Gears of War intense as ancestors

This is Sean with a new segment I’d like to call: Demo day!
Demo day is where I take 24 hours to download a demo of an upcoming game that is going to spread around the country for gamers to come.

My first demo I’d like to review is Gears of War: Judgement.
Now the first thing I want to tell you about the game is: Plot twist!
The game is placed before the Emergence day of The Locust Horde (A.K.A E-day)taking over. As a member of the CoG or the locust, you must defend or destroy the targets to ensure victory.

Play style: Llike most over-the-shoulder shooters, you get an vantage of the field as you do your duty. Take note that if you enjoy taking your enemies out from range, there’s sniping point you can climb to.

Graphics: Just like the original Gears of War–bloody, crude humor, and a lovely takes of blue and red.

Controls: Self explanatory, walk, run, shoot and aim. Similar to the famous Call of Duty controls, just the A button will be used for roadie running (where you run and duck at the same time.)

Overall: the game looks amazing, and that the theme of the game has gotten intense. I rate this game 4/5.
Pros: A game that has so much feeling and a good play style I would say that this is gonna be a hit.
Cons: The game handles choppy handling in multiplayer.


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