Arming Bruin teachers, not ‘good idea’

By: Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

On December 14 2012, a lone gunman opened fire in Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 first graders and six educators in Newtown, Conn. This horrific event landed in the news for several days here in town, but it also affected the families and community members of Newtown and the surrounding areas. The shooting at Sandy Hook is now considered to be one of the worst school shootings in U.S. History.

People all over are now asking the question how can we keep schools safe from disasters like this. The simple answer, there’s no foolproof way to do so. Noble County Schools, however, plan to offer teachers training to learn how to handle and shoot guns to carry during the school day.

“We have no intention of training the teachers here at Northrop. It is not a good idea.” said Principal Alhersmeyer.

There are many safety measures in place here at Northrop to keep everyone safe and away from harm. The cameras posted on the ceilings of every hallway monitor the activity during the day. The school’s front door is locked to visitors and only opens from the office. There are resource officers working every day of the week with special police training.

“The unfortunate part is we can do everything possible to keep this school safe, but someone could still break in. We can minimize the problem, not prevent it.” said Alhersmeyer.

A lot of students and several teachers agree with Alhersmeyer about not wanting to let teachers carry guns in school. Some students, however, are more in the middle with this situation.

“I feel like if they (the teachers) feel it’s too unsafe to be here without one then they should (carry a gun), but if they do, they should have a license.” commented senior Brenton Scott.

English teacher Mrs. McCorkle provides a different perspective.

“I would not feel comfortable carrying a gun because I’m a klutz. I actually feel safer with the SOR officers here,” she said.

Newtown is a moderately sized town in southwestern Connecticut. Covering about sixty square miles, Newtown has an excellent police force. When tragedy struck, they responded quickly and efficiently. Had it not been for the efforts of the police, more people could have been hurt on December 14th.

Here in Fort Wayne, local law enforcement it seems is at every corner. Along with the students and teachers that said teachers should not carry guns during school because of ethical reasons, some believed it is completely unnecessary.

“We have an advantage of living in the city. We can have the police here in minutes, they’re everywhere.” said Principal Ahlersmeyer. “Our police force here in town works for a reason. Safety is their number one priority.”

Teachers are just humans, and nobody is perfect. Some teacher could have a nervous breakdown or an argument with a student and open fire on their own classroom.

“That scares me. The issue is not the gun; it’s the person carrying the gun,”  said Media Center’s Mr. Davis. The police officers are here at this school for a reason; so teachers do not have to take the responsibility of arming themselves to protect their students.


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