State competition closes season

By: Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

As this is the last sports update for the Northrop Bowling Team until their next season in September, I feel it is necessary to congratulate the 17 Bruin Bowlers on a great year. There were many ups, downs and in-betweens. Some days were really great, and some days were really not so great. These students persevered through it all and managed to keep their spirits up so the team could keep going. From this year’s team, Nick Potts, Tyler Ferguson, Brian Stillwell, and Collin Fowler are graduating.

While the girl’s varsity’s journey ended tragically at Regionals two weeks ago, the boys varsity team hashed it out at the State competition on Saturday, February 16. Down in Lafayette at Arrowhead Bowl, they received 9th place in this year’s final tournament. This result was not expected, but greatly accepted as the boys did not make it to the State competition last year. There were only 12 teams competing in the State tournament, but finishing in the top ten really made everyone proud.

In two regular games, the Bruins bowled a 1698 series. Some players found it hard to focus and put the ball where it needed to be. The lanes were slick with oil, and those students whose balls hook in the dry spots got frustrated fast. Junior Gabe Ulrey bowled both his games under 140, and in the second game sophomore Dallas Recker fell short with a 140. As the oil broke down throughout the course of the day, it got easier for some to control their bowling balls. On the upside, senior Tyler Ferguson scored a 228 his first game, and senior Nick Potts kept that going in the second game with a 214.

Five baker games followed, and the Bruins knocked them out of the park. They stayed consistent in the first four games with two 204s, a 182 and a 181, then fell back slightly in the last game with a 165. It was still a strong finish, and pieced together with the two regular games from earlier in the day, the boys walked out of the bowling alley with a 2634 series. This final series placed the Northrop Bruins in 9th and Fort Wayne’s Carroll Chargers actually finished 7th.

The Northrop bowling team is always willing to accept new players. If  interested be sure to find one of this year’s players to ask for information. After losing eight players last year to graduation, it is still a struggle to rebuild and refocus. Then this year, the team loses four. Tryouts for the 2013-2014 bowling season are in September, after the Labor Day. Updates on that event will be provided as the date approaches.


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