Seniors lead the way

By: Nigel Kilby

Managing Editor

Northrop High school’s basketball team celebrated the final season of their seniors on, January 26.

The seniors graduating are Brenton and Bryson Scott, Michael Del Priore, Antonio Richmond, Cory Womack, and Spencer Cowherd. These seniors have high hopes and goals for the rest of the 2012-2013 basketball season.

Many memories have come and gone with these players, like the game winning buzzer beater against North Side last year, and winning the SAC Holiday Tournament three years in a row.

“Traveling around for tournaments was great, but my favorite was the Tip Off Madness in the pre-season,” said forward Antonio Richmond.

Northrop basketball is not all about the games played in front of hundreds every year. The team comes together six times a week for a focused practice or game.

If you needed

Bryson Scott locks down Luers star James Blackmon Jr. earlier in the season. The team held the Knights to under 60 points for the game.

Bryson Scott locks down Luers star James Blackmon Jr. earlier in the season. The team held the Knights to under 60 points for the game.

to pin a motto on them, it would be “Nobody works harder than we do.” This is because when they were third in the state, they worked like they are in last. The boys never get too cocky, and rarely underestimate any team. Great leadership has driven them to athletic success, and will get them even farther after high school.

The Bruins are doing very well this season, and it could very well be because of the seniors. Brenton and Bryson Scott have helped a massive amount to drive the team to many victories through their great offensive play. Although, they are not the only reason for the teams wins. Cowherd is a great verb

al leader, and a great defensive player.  Del Priore flew under the radar during his first three years at NHS, and now shows good athleticism that helps the team.

Richmond, a rebounding beast, who isn’t scared to pull up from the 3 point line or thrown down an occasional dunk. In the paint is Womack who works hard down low to get tough buckets for Northrop.

All of these seniors seem to feed off the energy of each other; the best part about them is that they’re not only a team, but a family.


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