Keep car clean, warm in winter

By Dorthi DishnicaStaff Writer

Taking care of your car when it is winter, is pretty important if you are planning to drive it for a while.  Nearly all students are novice drivers and often know little about caring for a ride, especially in extreme weather.

Starting up the car in the winter is a crucial part before because you want to make sure your engine is heated up so you won’t have any problems with your car later on while driving.  The cold outside will freeze your engine so make sure you let your car heat up for 3-4 minutes before driving.  While the car is warming up, clean the snow off.  Use the ice scraper, it’s better than rolling your window up and down. Most of that snow winds up in the car anyway. Be sure to get the side windows and the outside mirrors to help with vision.

When the roads are icy they put down a salt and sand mixture that gets thrown up at the wheels and will stay there for sometime.  The salt and sand mixture will erode the car and if the car is left, without it being washed, it will rust.  Make sure you wash the car regularly to prevent rusting.

Also cleaning the inside of the car is crucial so the car does not smell.  The snow on your shoes will eventually melt in your car and soon a stain of water will appear and the melting snow may create mold in your floor mats. Try to get most of the snow off the bottom of your shoes, so the brake and gas pedals won’t be slippery and less chance of an accident.



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