Martin Luther King Jr. Day

 By Micheal Jones
Staff Writer
We did not have school on January 21, why? It’s Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday of course and it’s held just barely a week after his birthday, (January 15th). The holiday was first proposed by Katie Hall of Gary, Indiana and signed into law by President Reagan.
     The idea suggested soon after King’s assassination. The peaceful protestor brought a lot of new perspective into the country, especially when it came to the civil rights movement. His activism continues to inspire hundreds of people in their faith in revolutionary change for the better. His spirit in contrast to the violence of the 60’s changed hearts to a new innovation in his moving words and ideals. Though a greatly accepted holiday, it wasn’t widely accepted right away by many states. They’d blended the holiday with a name such as “Freedom Day” or “Civil Rights Day”.
     The holiday was finally accepted by all states by 2000. The holiday is still a free day for work and school, and we all appreciate that even more. Barack Obama is to be inaugurated on this day for his second presidency as well, an exciting day all around politically As well as a good day for us students to take time to relax.

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