By Brandon Chandler

Staff Writer

Life is a struggle it’s full of ups and downs. Many people smile, but inside they hurt with pain. Many kids have been scared physically, mentally, and emotionally. In some way they try to make it just disappear, keeping it to themselves which causes stress. They think they can’t do anything about it. Their scared deep inside, some try to look past it.
I’ve had my ups and down when I was little going through my parents getting divorced. You really don’t know someone till you walked in their shoes. So many people judge people by their looks, by what they do, and by their religion. The list just keeps going on and on. Why discriminate someone you don’t even know? Many people who get made fun of leads to suicide or to cutting themselves or to shootings. People need to try stepping in their shoes and see how they like to be teased and treated like dirt. If we all respected each other, treat each other equal, this world would be a better place, maybe even a happier place.
I go through everyday with a smile on my face thinking to myself that it’s just another day keeping pain inside not letting it come out. I used to get pushed around when I was little — coming to school everyday wondering what was going to happen next. No kid should have to go through that they should be able to smile day by day and live their life like no other. Life is a struggle but in the end let your smile glow like no other.


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