Bruins Dodge Archer’s Bow

By Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

For Week 8, the Bruins face the South Side Archers and won hands down.  All three teams pulled it together and dominated their opponents.  State competitions are getting closer, and all teams are feeling the pressure.  All 17 players pulled their weight on Dec. 13.  They all tried their hardest, and they really deserved this win.

Of the three teams from Northrop, the boys varsity received the most impressive win.  Against the Archers, the Bruins won 19 out of 20 points.  This came as a surprise considering some of the boys were struggling.  Brandon Wegner bowled his second varsity game this season, filling in for Gabe Ulrey’s spot in the second game.  Senior anchor Nick Potts once again cam out with the Bruin’s high score of 236.

The Lady Bruins also managed an impressive win against the Archers.  Northrop’s ladies bowled hard, and were rewarded with 16 out of 20 points.  The opposing team only had three players, so it didn’t really come as a shock when Northrop’s girls won total pins by over 200 each game.  Fourth and fifth spot players Megan LaFontaine and Alexa Fischer did not have opponents to bowl against, so their four points were guaranteed in the win.  Anchor Alexa delivered a nice 223 in the second game.  Once again, the Lady Bruins win with the advantage of the incomplete opposing team.

The junior varsity had an interesting match.  South Side did not have a junior varsity squad, so the Bruins drew a card, and their scores ended up going against New Haven’s.  While New Haven bowled against Columbia City on the other end of the alley, the Bulldogs had no idea how well the Bruins were actually doing until the end.  Northrop’s JV won 16 out of 20 points, and for the first time this season, Dillon McKeon had the high score of 192.

All in all, the Northrop Bruins had a very successful match against the Archers.  Week 9’s match is today against Homestead at Thunderbowl at 4 p.m.  The cost of admission is $3.  As the season draws to a close, head on out to a match to show your support.  The Bruins thrive on encouragement from their fellow students.


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