Bruins Get Zapped by Chargers

By Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

On Thursday December 6, the Northrop Bruins faced the fierce Carroll Chargers.  Both the boys and junior varsity struggled immensely, but the girls varsity was able to pull off another win.  The Chargers are really tough this year, and it showed.

The junior varsity lost a hard fight.  Many bowlers struggled with spares in the first frames of their games, which put them in a bad situation very quickly.  The more spares you miss, the harder it is to pick yourself back up.  The JV only received a single point in that match.  Brandon Wegner did score a 161 in the second game claiming the top spot for the junior varsity of Northrop.

The boys varsity lost just as hard.  All Bruin boys struggled with keeping their scores up.  In the end, the Charger’s consistency and high scores proved too hard to handle.  The Bruin’s boys received one point for their efforts.  Anchor Nick Potts had a nice 236 in the second game.

On a high note, the Lady Bruins trampled the competition.  Receiving 19 out of 20 points, the ladies have a solid win for the records.  This match was against 4 bowlers from Carroll.  In the first game, Morgan McCartney was the one player to miss her point, but she only missed it by 7 pins.  She redeemed herself with a 189 in the second game.  With 5 players, the Bruin’s total score was at least 200 pins over that of the Chargers each game.  Everyone received their points in the second game.  Megan LaFontaine barely snagged the high score spot with a 205, and Rachel Haywood was close behind with a 203.

Join the team next week at Georgetown Bowl as they face the South Side Archers.  The match starts at 4 p.m., and the cost is $4.  The end is near and Sectionals are getting closer.  Come show your support for your fellow students.


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