Our Future: Its Really Gonna Suck

By Sean Miller
Staff Writer

Sean Miller

“I heard you busted your head after trying to jump that balcony!”

“Hey man, YOLO!”

Every time I hear this, it feels like a mass shutdown inside my head. Brain cells getting killed off for every word, every phrase, and every sentence that is spoken in such a terrible way.

I can’t blame parents or teachers who are to be ball-and-chained to such moronic children. I blame the media, the television, and forever hold my breath on this: MUSIC!

The media, oh yes. The morning headlines I can listen to as I sip on my coffee and finish my breakfast, listening to the weather reports for what is to come, last night’s game winning swing on the latest Cubs game, and so on. Then the evening news, I check on all the other gossip in the world on the screen, like how the violence in Syria rages on, Paris Hilton busted again for…who cares actually?

Lastly the deaths, shootings and drug busts that happen every hour, on the hour. Television: or “the thing that can get you a series by probably hanging with your friends and make an hour show all about getting hit below the belt.” With the stupid shows such as,The Jersey Shore, next Toddlers and Tiaras, Teen Moms, and mostly everything on VH1 and MTV. It’s gives kids a really really (really) bad idea on their lives.

Lastly music, I pray on bended knees every night that all these new “hipsters” and rappers just…disappear. With Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Ect. They are kinda crappy. High majority of times talking only about drugs, sex, and alcohol, along with money. I swear to my mother that if they actually do all these things they rap about–shouldn’t they get locked up or arrested? It’s kinda sad to see that they try to make themselves good with “smoke and mirrors.”

MY overall rant is:  I blame the media for the way teens act today, and why this world is having problems.


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