Do we say ‘Thank you’ enough?

By Dorthi Dishnica
Staff Writer

Have you ever walked around, seen trash thrown on the floors and felt embarrassed that you are walking through it?  When you are walking and you avoid an empty bag of chips or half-bitten apple thrown on the floor, it’s disgusting!  Northrop halls speak for themselves.  In the morning walking into Northrop everything is clean and people are hurrying to their classes with five minutes remaining but everything changes when it is lunch time.

When seeing the Blind Side scene when Michael Oher is picking up the garbage that the people left after the volleyball game, it is pretty inspirational.  That is what many people want to when they see the garbage but they don’t because they might feel different and different is accepted at Northrop.  It is a really nice thing to do and you will be respected and thought of differently but I have never seen anyone at Northrop do that ever, ever.

Some students can’t wait to go to lunch but I bet some dread to go to lunch also.  Walking down the stairs the first thing you will trip over is a half-filled water bottle or fruit.  Why can’t people just hold on to their junk and throw it away when they see a trash can? I just want to hear one good reason people throw their trash on the floors of Northrop.  I bet no one in this school will have a good reason, but why does anyone do it in the first place?  We have two arms and legs don’t we?

The next day you walk into school and everything is all spick and span.  Ohh! How does that happen?  Well there are people called janitors that work at Northrop and they keep the school neat and clean.  They are awesome people.  Just imagine for a moment that you just got done cleaning your room and organized everything for 3 hours.  Now you got really thirsty and went to go get a drink but you forgot to close your door.  Your little siblings threw all of your neatly folded clothes on the floor, ruined your bed and left Kit-Kat candy wrappers all over your room.  Well how do you feel now that they ruined your cleaned room?  Angry and upset?  Northrop is like home and the janitor is you.  The janitors do so much to keep Northrop clean and we just make it messier every day.  Don’t you feel guilty?

So let’s not throw wrappers and water bottles on the floor and at people, yes people, and just use your two hands and feet for once and walk and throw away your garbage.  Let’s do the janitors a favor and Northrop a favor also and keep the halls of Northrop clean without garbage thrown everywhere in them.  Also when we get back from break lets keep Northrop clean and say ‘Thank You’ to the janitors when we see them.  There are many words not used everyday in life and ‘Thank You’ would be one of them.  Lets make Northrop better and keep it clean.


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