Bruins Recieved Surprise from Snider

By Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

Week 5

The highly anticipated match against Northrop’s biggest rival, Snider, ended with an excited win for the boys and unexpected losses for the girls and junior varsity.  The nerves ran high because great expectations were placed on the Bruin’s shoulders.  Unfortunately, not everyone was able to perform under the pressure.

The junior varsity squad lost to Snider, and only won 2 of the 20 possible points.  The Panthers took over mercilessly.  Strike after strike their scores continued to rise and the Bruins struggled to pick up spares and catch and keep up with Snider.  Collin Fowler did however; score a 178 to claim the top spot among his fellow teammates.

Unfortunately, the girl’s varsity did not do better.  Only scoring 4 of 20 points, the Lady Bruins suffered another loss.  The Panther’s energy and consistent success messed with the Bruin’s focus which ultimately led to their defeat.  The second game started as a high point.  All Lady Bruins were above their opponents, but in the seventh or eighth frame things started to crumble.  One player from Snider bowled a turkey (three strikes in a row), and Megan LaFontaine, this particular player’s opponent, lost focus.  The ladies tried and struggled to keep their total score high enough to get the totals point.   The Lady Bruins only won 2 points in the first game which gave Snider the other 8. To beat the Panthers, 4 of the bruins would have had to beat their opponents and receive the high score in the second game.  On a high note, Alexa Fischer bowled a 182 and put herself in the high score spot for the Lady Bruins Tuesday.

On an even higher note, Northrop’s boy’s varsity dominated the small Columbia City bowling alley.  Both teams did very well, cranking out six and seven strikes in a row.  The energy from both boys’ lanes was so loud some players cringed from the intense volume.  Every strike was punctuated with loud hollers and high fives.  The Bruin’s boys’ team beat the Snider Panthers and brought victory and pride to Northrop.  Northrop’s anchor Nick Potts delivered the heat with a sizzling 500 series, complete with a 246 and 254.

The Northrop bowling team’s next match unfolds on November 29 at Thunderbowl against Bishop Luers at 4 p.m.  Support your fellow students as they pull themselves back up to the top.


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