Bruins skinned by North Side

By Rachel Haywood
Staff Writer

Week 3

Last Thursday’s match against the North Side Redskins ended in defeat.  In their own “house,” all three teams from Northrop lost.  Everyone had a hard time performing like they did in practice earlier in the week.

The boy’s varsity had the hardest time holding their own against the Redskins, and only managed to snag 2 out of the possible 20 points.  Tyler Ferguson took the high score spot with a 246.

The girl’s varsity tied with the Redskins.  Unfortunately, when total pins are not part of the win, that tie is counted as a loss.  10 points went to each team, and Alexa Fischer held the highest score of 213.

Although Northrop’s junior varsity lost their match as well, they were awarded 4 out of 20 points.  178 was the high score, courtesy of Brandon Wenger.

Coaches and players thought long and hard when trying to figure out how they could have lost all three matches.  Nerves ran high because expectations ran high.  Northrop practices twice a week at Crazy Pins, so they should know the lanes and how to use them to their advantage better than anyone.  Everyone on Northrop’s team had the confidence to win their points.  Bowling is 80 percent concentration and 20 percent performance.

If you can’t concentrate, you can’t perform.  From the moment you put your hand on that bowling ball to the second you release it down the lane, you are in control. Every move of your body and every twist of your fingers and wrist effect the way the ball will move.  If your concentration is altered, that frame has been wasted because it was not the best that it could be.  High school bowling is serious, and if you think it’s going to be nice and quiet, you are totally wrong.  Bowlers have to be able to perform in the loudest spaces possible. Sometimes the pressure and energy can screw you up, and that’s not acceptable.  North Side had the volume and energy to mess with everyone’s focus and determination.  That plays a big part in their win last Thursday.

It came as a big surprise to everyone that the Bruins could not deliver last week.  With the practice the players have put in this week, the match against the South Side Archers at Georgetown Bowl should be an interesting experience.  Hopefully the Bruins can rise to the occasion and sprint to the top once again.  Fingers crossed!


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One Comment on “Bruins skinned by North Side”

  1. akmccorkle November 19, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Excellent article — really lets the reader know what it takes to bowl as part of a team. Go Bruins!

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